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United States Navy

Summary of Navy Project Experience





MCAS Routine GWM – Barstow, CA

Performed analyses for 300.0, 310.0, 376.1, 6010, 8015, 8021, 8260, and 8310.

10 day – fax
30 day – HC

Client Format

NAS CTO 52, NAS Dallas, TX

TCLP analyses for VOCs, SVOC, 8330, wet chemistry, and inorganics.

14 days

Client Format

CTO 90 – Moffett Airfield, CA

Quarterly monitoring of 15 wells by CLP methods.

10 days


MCB Camp Pendleton, CA CTO 26

Analysis of over 200 samples for wet chemistry, 8015, 8260, 300.0, and RSK175.

72 hours, 1, week, 2 weeks


Long Beach Shipyard, CA

Accelerated analysis of over 150 samples for inorganics, VOCs, SVOCs, pesticides, PCBs, explosives, fuels, and TOC.

24 hours, 48 hours



CLP-like analyses of over 700 water and soil samples with a focus on fuels and VOC contaminants.

72 hours, 21 days

CLP 3.0 / CLP 4.0

Former UST 479, DO #13, Guam

UST program in Guam, analysis of fuels by 8015, 8260, 8310, and metals.

14 days


CTO 19, MCAS Tustin, CA

Weekly monitoring of VOA in remedial design.

24 hours

Client Format

CTO 31 - Alameda, CA

Remedial Environmental Services at operable unit 5 (OU5).  Analysis of approximately 580 samples for metals, PCBs, SVOAs, PAHs, and fuels.

5 days

Client Format

NAS North Island, CA

Analysis of pure product and highly contaminated samples for 300.0, metals, PCBs, VOAs, and SVOAs. 

5 days, 10 days

Client Format

LPL Gas Station, China Lake, CA

Site delineation project.  Saturday courier services provided.  Analysis for VOCs, SVOCs, TPH-P, Metals, BTEX, and Oxygenates.  Included encore samples.

24 Hours

Client Format

LRW Gas Station, China Lake, CA

24 Hours

Client Format


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