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About EMAX  

About EMAX

EMAX Laboratories, Inc. (EMAX) has provided comprehensive environmental laboratory services to governmental, state and local agencies since 1987. EMAX was founded to fill a need within the California marketplace for a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective analytical laboratory for consulting firms involved in the early stages of site investigation and remediation. Our firm was there “at the beginning” providing fundamental services for the development of statewide and regional environmental compliance, enforcement, and remedial action programs.

Similarly, we had the opportunity to provide large-scale analytical support to the initial and then burgeoning environmental restoration programs of the branches of the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Since these early years, we have grown – twice moving to larger, more modern facilities, and now occupying a state-of-the-art, 27,000 square foot physical plant in Torrance, California, only a short distance from our original location.

The industry we support has undergone periods of growth, uncertainty, and consolidation. For ourselves, we have maintained levels of stability and consistency – especially in the area of staff resources – that are envied by many of our competitors, both larger and smaller. With a strong dedication to the continuation of our technical proficiency, we place extreme emphasis on in-house training, third-party review of procedures and protocols, and the audit and peer-review processes.

Over the past 20 years, EMAX has distinguished itself within the laboratory services industry by its stability in staff, its recognized technical proficiency, and its commitment to providing analytical deliverables in a wide variety of either agency-specified or client-developed reporting formats. We must share a large portion of our success in these areas with our clients, for it is a product of their dedication, input, and communication with us.

The company has been evaluated and audited by numerous governmental agencies and private-sector clients and has provided analytical services in support of the overall environmental programs of:

  • Department of Defense Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (DOD ELAP)
    • United States Army (USACE)
      United States Navy (NFESC)
      United States Air Force (AFCEE)
  • Department of Food and Agriculture Permit to Import Soils
  • Department of Energy




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