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United States Department of Energy





Savannah River, SC

Groundwater monitoring of over 500 wells regularly for both organic and inorganic constituents including target compound list, appendix 9 list, and many site-specific analytes.  Methods were performed in accordance with US EPA SW846 and standard methods for the determination of water and wastewater.

72Hr, 14Day, 35Day


Nevada Testing Site, NV

EMAX provided analytical services at site CAU321, CAU271, CAU168, CAU394, and CAU410.  Most of the samples were analyzed for VOA, SVOA, DRO, GRO, RCRA metals, Lead, and PCB in accordance with SW846 and site-specific analytical requirements.

30 days


Rocky Flats, CO

EMAX provides analytical services to Kaiser Hill at Rocky Flats under the BOA for Laboratory Analytical Services administered by Westinghouse Savannah River Company on behalf of the Department of Energy.  The analytical methods include VOA, SVOA, PCB, metals, and wet chemistry in accordance with the site-specific RFETS BOA implementation requirements (module GR03-A.4).

14 days / 30 days



EMAX provides analytical services to Bechtel BWXT Idaho through the Blanket Master Contract (BMC) in conjunction with the Basic Order Agreement (BOA) awarded by the Inter Contractor Purchasing Team (ICPT) National Agreement for Analytical Services.  The majority of samples were waste and uncommon matrices.  The analyses include metals, PCB, VOA, SVOA, and waste characterization in accordance with the site-specific requirements.

14 days / 30 days


LLNC Closure Building 233

EMAX provides analytical services to LLNL to support the phased closure of Building 233.  The analyses include VOA. SVOA, metals, PCBs, hexavalent chromium, TCLP and STLC with site specific reporting limits.

30 days


LLNC Site 300

EMAX provides analytical services to LLNL/LLBL under a Basic Ordering Agreement.  The analyses include VOA. SVOA, metals, 624 and 625 in groundwater and waste material samples.

30 days





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