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EMAX has over eighty employees making us one of the largest laboratory facilities on the West Coast. We have more capacity for samples than most any of the individual facilities of the large-business network lab companies. The laboratory is over 27,000 square feet in size and has excess space to allow for a smooth and efficient operation. EMAX also is rich in instrumentation and we have a well-trained and experienced staff. In short, EMAX is set up to handle large projects and has demonstrated our capability to perform on large projects for many clients in the past.

EMAX Laboratories, Inc., a small, woman-owned business, has provided analytical support for some of the largest environmental restoration and remediation projects in the United States over the past fifteen years.  Our data has supported compliance, investigation, monitoring, and closure activities for some of the largest and most visible of projects for the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and multiple state and local authorities. With a staff of over eighty in the 27,000 square foot facility, EMAX has more capacity for samples than most any of the individual facilities of the large-business network labs and is one of the largest facilities on the West Coast.  Our experience and stability ensure that we can fulfill most any project requirements. EMAX also is rich in instrumentation and has a well-trained and experienced staff. In short, EMAX is structured to handle large projects and has demonstrated our capability to perform on large projects. The following have helped distinguish EMAX over the years and has ensured that clients receive the best service possible:

Well-trained and Experienced Personnel

EMAX maintains a steady staff of full-time, cross-trained chemists, technicians and four people with Ph.D. degrees.   Most of the staff has more than 5-years experience with EMAX, and can take on more than one assignment.  The majority of our work is with Federal agencies and thus, the staff is well-versed in DOD SW846, QSM, USACE EM200-1-3, Appendix I Shell Documents, AFCEE QAPP, NFSCE IRQM, and DOE 0 414.16.

Large and Experienced Extraction Department

This is a critical area that can have a major impact on the throughput of the laboratory and the overall quality of the data.  EMAX has invested extensively:

  • Over 3,500 square feet dedicated to the organic extractions and over 300 square feet for the metals digestion room, with a combined total of 15 fume hoods
  • Eleven full-time trained and experienced technicians that work together as a team
  • Six sonicator extractors and five TurboVaps to concentrate the extracts
  • Eighty (80) continuous liquid-liquid extractors for water samples

Excess Analytical Instrumentation Capacity

EMAX is set up to be instrument rich, so that the analytical throughput is not limited by our instrumentation capacity.  Having excess instrumentation also allows us to maintain our turnaround times when an instrument needs maintenance.  Our instruments include:

  • Seven GC/MS instruments for volatile organic analysis
  • Four GC/MS instruments for semi-volatile organic analysis
  • Four GC/ECD for pesticides, PCBs and herbicides
  • Three HPLC’s for polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons/PAHs  and explosives
  • Three ICP instruments for metals analysis
  • One ICPMS instrument for metals analysis
  • Two mercury analyzers

Expertise in Electronic Data Deliverables

EMAX has the in-house capability to develop highly specialized, custom-designed hard copy report formats as well as electronic data deliverables.  Currently, EMAX maintains an extensive library of EDD application programs for over 35 different clients.  EMAX uses a variety of EDD validation tools to ensure error-free electronic data deliverables.

Emphasis on Safe Work Environment

EMAX has invested heavily in providing a healthy and safe work environment that conforms to all issues of safety, radiation protection, and waste management.  EMAX developed the in-house programs and designed the facility after extensive evaluation of industry best practices and employee input.  This cooperative formulation ensures that the procedures incorporated into the daily operations best protect our employees.  EMAX conducts training and refresher classes on a regular basis.  Safety concerns are addressed in the monthly QA meeting.  


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